Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Chocolate Peppermint Cookies

Something so yummy and festive couldn't be easier!
Make the Double Chocolate Chunk cookies according to the instructions on the package.
Add 3 tsp. of peppermint flavoring to the frosting. I added about 2 Tblsp of powdered sugar to the frosting to thicken.
Chop 2 candy canes.
Frost your cooled cookies and sprinkle with the chopped candy canes.

These would be great for your next Christmas cookie exchange!

Serve with a hot cup of coffee. (Everything goes with a cup of coffee in my book!)

Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Snow Cake Recipe - Our Traditional Birthday Cake

My dad always said it's not a real birthday cake unless it is this Snow Cake. 
The tradition began with my great grandmother.
I hope you enjoy the recipe as much as we do!
The recipe in my mom's handwriting. I LOVE this!
{A typed version is below.}

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Christmas Shoppe

My Etsy Christmas Shoppe is now open. Yeah! 
(Why do I feel like I'm a week behind?!) 
A variety of cheerful items will be added throughout the next few weeks.
I have also been cooking and I have started creating some crafts for Christmas.
I bet a few of them will find a place on the blog with some recipes and tutorials.  :)
Some free printables should arrive soon too!! Yeah again!
I hope your week is filled with love and laughter!
(Thanks for stopping by!)


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Free Font...Adam Gorry

I recently downloaded this free font from Adam Gorry. It is a popular font right now and it will look great on your upcoming Christmas projects! Here is a sample....
This is a free font, but the designer requests that you make a donation to a great cause...
"The AG duo are named after a very special boy, Adam Gorry, of Dorset, England. In 1997, Adam at age 3 was diagnosed with Leukemia. In 2002 he beat it and is now a healthy, happy growing lad. Specialist care, chemotherapy and the love of Adam's family helped immensely. I decided to dedicate these fonts to Adam as a way of reminding us regular folks how fragile human life can be, and the ongoing need for research to beat this and other crippling disorders. So if you use these fonts please make a cash donation to a Leukemia foundation or research fund of your choice. Your donation will make a difference."

I donated to a foundation in Eastern Iowa 

As we celebrate the many ways we are thankful this season, I hope you will join me in using this beautiful font and donate to a Leukemia foundation.

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!!


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Free Autumn Pennant Printable and Gourmet Caramel Apple Recipe

I have been thinking more about Christmas lately than Thanksgiving but I wanted to make something this weekend closer to an Autumn tradition. I chose caramel apples with added candy and chocolate for a gourmet look and taste.
Then, I topped it off with an Autumn pennant!
Melt your caramel. One bag with 2 Tblsp water in the microwave. Holding the apple stem, dip and roll your apple in the caramel. I didn't have sticks and we usually cut them to eat them at our house anyway. I'm sure it's because so many of us had braces on our teeth at some point in our lives!
After dipping in the caramel, gently roll it in Heath toffee bits and mini chocolate chips! Yum!
Melt some of the chocolate chips in a small zipped bag in the microwave. Then, snip a very small corner from the bag and drizzle the chocolate around the apple. Let it set at room temp or place in the fridge to speed up the process. Slice and enjoy!!
I topped the apples with these "Welcome Autumn" pennants.
Click on the image below and "save as" to your computer. Print, then trim the sides. Next, trim between the pennants. For placement, fold each pennant in half around toothpicks while lining up the edges, remove, place glue on the back of a pennant then wrap it around a toothpick again and adjust it into place. Using scissors, cut a small "V" shaped notch into the end. Poke the pennant into the top of your caramel apple, cupcake or anything this Thanksgiving weekend!!
Please note, due to variances in computer monitors, these may print closer to a shade of brown than orange. I am either low on ink or need to calibrate my monitor!! :) 

Hope you enjoy the pennants and caramel apple recipe!!
Happy Thanksgiving!!


Friday, November 18, 2011

Sweet Blessings: Gratitude

Sweet Blessings: Gratitude
A sweet, free printable from Shannon at Sweet Blessings. Thank you!

Just click on "Sweet Blessings: Gratitude" to go to her site to download the poster.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Some New Art

These are some fun projects I worked on this week. They are for sale at my Etsy shop

I'm working on the Christmas Shop. It has been fun listening to the Christmas music while I work. 
Have a great weekend!


Monday, November 14, 2011

Turquoise Painted Frame

I needed a frame for the room redo.
This acrylic paint color is Indian Turquoise by Americana. It's a vibrant blue and I love it with pink and yellow. Now you know the color scheme for my room! I may throw in some orange here and there too. Sounds crazy doesn't it?! Hopefully fun.
I started with a frame of course. Could not find an ornate one at Goodwill. Bummers. So, I forked out some cash at Hobby Lobby. They were 50% off. Yeah! (Actually, my sister forked out the cash. I forgot my billfold at home. Thanks Linda!)
It took two coats of paint...easily done while watching the last Harry Potter DVD with one of my sons. He was home from school with a cold.
A coat of spray gloss from Tree House Studio and it was done!

I added a print I designed last week. (Available at my Etsy shop. Yeh...that's a plug.) 

I love paint and it's a simple and inexpensive way to customize a look. Hope this inspires you to paint something new or old for your home.

Hope you have a great week!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Thank you veterans!

My grandpa Maughan.

Thank you to all of our veterans.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Free Blessing Place Card Printables

Place cards just in time for Thanksgiving or for anytime you want to let someone know you care! 

You can use these as small business cards personalized with someone's name or as a traditional standup place card (3 5/8"x1 15/16".) Print these on your 8 1/2"x11" card stock. Trim marks are included. In my example, I made the name gray. Also, try a colored card stock to jazz it up!

For the stand up place cards, place the name below the 1" fold area. You can put a name on the front or the back of the place card. Above, it is on the front. If you decide to place it on the back, place the name upside down and on the top 1" of the card. When it is folded the name will be right side up.
Just right click or control click the image to Save As to your computer.
You are all a blessing!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lifestyle Crafts giveaway

For all of you paper people....check out this giveaway!
It is amazing!
All you have to do is upload your projects made with Lifestyle Crafts products. 
Hope you have one of their products. They are great.
Follow the blog for more info and giveaways!


Monday, November 7, 2011

Free Thanksgiving Subway Art Printable

The house is becoming cozy. Hope this Thanksgiving subway art will help make your home cozy too!
Just click on the image and right click or control click on the image and Save As to your computer to print at home. (In my printing preferences I centered the image onto my 8.5x11" cardstock then trimmed the edges to fit my 8x10" frame.)

Enjoy the season!!


Saturday, November 5, 2011

150 Stocking Stuffer Ideas

After visiting some holiday open houses today I guess it's time to start thinking about Christmas gift giving. has these great ideas posted. Hope it helps you! I'm planning on making a copy to carry with me for the next few weeks.

Hope the rest of your weekend is enjoyable!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Room Update

I've only had a chance to work on my room a few hours a week. So, it's going slow. Plus, I don't think this color of yellow is working. Now. Do I paint the woodwork white? The windows are also wood. How long will I have this room? The last son leaves the nest in 4 years. I want the bigger room. That will leave this room open and the only one in the house with white trim. Never liked the trim anyway and need an excuse to switch it all out later. Right?
Will leave this task for last!

These wall shelves and shadow boxes were on clearance at Target! Yeah! Will use them somehow. Couldn't resist!

Hope to have another update soon!

Have a nice Wednesday!