Saturday, February 2, 2013

Buffalo Chicken Salad - Great for Super Bowl Leftovers!

Does anyone NOT serve Buffalo Wings for Super Bowl?!
Ok...a few. :)
Just in case, I LOVE
Tyson's Buffalo Style Chicken Strips.
They have a nice flavor and kick!
This is all you need....
lettuce, Ranch dressing, blue cheese and
I like avocado to cool it all down.
I have used Blue Cheese dressing
instead of Ranch but I think
the Blue Cheese flavor overpowers.
I can't believe I said that!
And a confession....
I usually have these ingredients on hand. 
That's how much I love this salad. 

You can create several salads assembly-line style
or everyone can fix their own. 
My kids prefer not to add the Blue Cheese.
I add about a tablespoon or two to mine.
Also, I love avocado and could take an entire
avocado on my salad.
But, I think when grocery shopping to plan
on a half avocado per salad.

And, it's that easy!

I hope you have a SUPER weekend!


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