Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fingerless Mittens From An Old Wool Sweater

These were just fun and fast to make.
I had a 100% wool sweater and wanted extra wear. 
Felt your sweater first so that it can be cut without raveling.
This above site will give you instructions for felting your wool sweaters. Plus, the book featured, The Sweater Chop Shop by Chrispina Ffrench is wonderful. The link to her Etsy shop is below.

Your sweater will shrink quite a bit but the sleeves should still fit.
My sweater was still very stretchy so I had to sew about a half inch seam and curve it in tighter under my thumb knuckle.
I recommend trying them on before you trim the V notch or the side. 
Just in case you have to redo the stitching!
Turn right side out.
(Just click on the photo to see more info.)

That's it! 
I added hearts just for fun.
I'm looking for more ways to use the rest of the sweater and the shirt from the previous post.
So, more to come!

Have a great day 
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