Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cake in a Cup Recipe

I'm not sure where I picked up this recipe, but it is a great after school snack or a quick dessert.

Mix one box of angel food cake mix with
one box of any flavor cake mix...
place 1/3 C. of mix into a coffee cup...
(save the rest of mix in a tub for another time)
add 3 Tblsp water to the mix in the cup...
microwave for 1 minute

Add any extra items you would like...I like chocolate chips and 3 Tblsp coffee instead of water!

Enjoy and have a great week!


  1. I'm looking forward to trying this. Q: you put the angel food cake mix and the egg mixture that comes in the box?

  2. Hello!
    Good question. The angel food cake mix I use is a dry mixture only. I am guessing it includes a powdered egg white. I haven't heard of a separate egg mixture. If it is all dry, I would assume you would be ok.

    Thank you very much for your question.

    I hope you have a Merry Christmas!!

  3. Because I live in England have angel food cake mix, so could I just use a regular box cake mix instead?

    1. Hi Megan!
      I believe it's best with Angel Food mix due to the dried egg that it contains. I read that muffin mix works with just water. But I haven't tried it.
      I have tried cake mix with just water and it doesn't rise. It comes out about a 1/2 inch thick and doughy.
      Angel Food cake mix makes it light and fluffy and it will rise to 2-3 inches in the cup.
      If you have access to powdered egg white/egg you could add a small amount. That may work.
      I'm sorry this isn't more helpful. Thank you for your question.
      Laura :)