Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Moustaches and Doodles

It's time to come back to the blog.

We had a wonderful Christmas break. I hope yours was enjoyable too!

To begin this new year, I thought I would share this photo of our wall above our basement stairs. Note the Moustaches. :)

Michael and his friend Clark created a video for their French class. They made apple crepes. I think. A part of their project included costumes. Hence, the moustaches. When they were done filming, I noticed the change on our photos. I think a younger brother had a hand in this too. It made me chuckle so I wanted to share it. Maybe it will make you smile too.

I found another moustache on the mirror. A great idea for knowing what you would look like with a black moustache! And, I would have shared a photo of this but, as the photographer, I would have ended up in the photo! No thank you. :)

Well, I'm sure the boys' recipe is somewhere in Michael's backpack and I believe I will need to change the video format to get their video to upload correctly. So, I will share them both with you soon.

Meanwhile, I hope you smiled and I hope you have a great Tuesday!  Laura

ps. I received a Bamboo tablet for Christmas. I had fun doodling! Practice, practice, practice!

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