Friday, August 5, 2011

Recycle Your Package Art!

Ok, so I buy generic brands most of the time.  But, if there is a sale, I enjoy some of the fun images on packaging.  Must be the artist in me!  I can take the lightweight cardboard to the recycling bin, OR, I could make something out of it!  Above, are some tags I have for sale at my upcycledbylaurab Etsy site....but you can make them easily!
Only supplies needed are some, fun lightweight boxes, a pattern, pencil for tracing, 1/4 hole punch and utility scissors.  I used my 1.) Revolution die cutting machine and 2.) tag die, also from Lifestyle Crafts.  If you are worried about running the heavy stock through your machine just 3.) trace your pattern and cut!  Finish by punching a hole at the smaller end attaching twine or a circle ring.
I also made a small notebook for sketches out of an Oreo Cakesters box.  It was a perfect size.  The ribbon is recycled from some Christmas packaging.  It adds more color, can be used to hold a pencil, and give you a place to hang on a hook to hold your shopping list.  I used copy paper for the interior, but you could also recycle scrapbooking paper scraps or school papers.  I will place mine in my purse for quick sketches while waiting in the car for the kids.  You know, back-to-school is just around the corner.  This would make a great item to stash as a quiet activity for the kids during church or lessons.  Maybe for grandpa and grandma too!  The circle rings allow you to add or subtract pages as needed.
5.) The reverse side of the tags are rustic and give you more flexible uses.  And, don't forget about the sides of the boxes.  6.) This bookmark was made from the side of a Cars 2 cereal box.  Some schools also collect Box Tops for Education.  Might as well cut and collect those for you local school too! And lastly, 8.) when I used my Revolution machine I saved the area around the cut and used it as a picture frame for the fridge!

Thanks for checking out my blog and have a super weekend!  Laura

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