Sunday, August 7, 2011

Paint Your Own Pottery

What a fun night!  It started out as Reed and I going to Pursuing Picasso downtown to paint pottery in honor of Karen's last night of work.  Monte, Mike and Braden thought it would be fun to go too!  We had a great time talking, painting, and listening to music.
Here's sweet Karen!  We will miss her when she heads back to college.   
You begin by choosing your pottery.  Karen reserved this travel coffee cup.  She knows what I like! Then you can use a pencil and draw your design before you paint.  The pencil marks burn away in the kiln.  Of course I made a heart and added yellow and green!

Here's Mike's tiki pottery.  He gave it a lot of color and added some detail work.

Braden made a small cup for his Mountain Dew and Monte made a switchplate cover with a guitar theme.  Reed finished a bowl with a brick pattern and loads of color.  These guys are creative!!  (And Reed, we will miss you too when you head to college!!)   
When you're done painting, it is dipped into glaze and then fired in their kiln.   It's ready to be picked up in a few days.  The glaze feels thick and smooth and is very shiny.  Love it!  This has become my favorite coffee cup!   Pricing includes a $6 sitting fee for materials plus the cost of your pottery piece.  
Pursuing Picasso has a Facebook page at
Check out your local listing for a similar business.  You will love it!

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